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A weekly newsletter from AVM Consulting, written with love by founder Anne V Mühlethaler, and copy edited by the skillful Manfreda Cavazza, also known as Freddie.

The objective of this publication is to share tools and resources - first in the form of The Digest. Topics range from digital and consumer communication, culture, fashion & design, retail, and also conscious work, mindful leadership and personal development.

Then there is Looking Forward, where Anne explore subjects in the form of essays (also available in audio format).

Finally, there is The Story of You, a stand-alone project, that will shortly include a podcast, as well as an e-book. To read the first chapters of The Story of You, click below.

If this all sounds great but you want more, you can also check out Anne's interview podcast, Out of the Clouds, on Simplecast, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever good podcasts are available.

The Digest

Looking Forward

The Story of You